Feeling Invisible

Yes, when being with someone who is experiencing pain, one begins to feel invisible because the relationship always seems to be about the person dealing with the pain.  I, who am not dealing with (physical) pain, begin to feel like my normal world doesn’t count.  Well of course it doesn’t, not when it’s compared with the other persons world that is screaming with discomfort.  This situation however, begins to take its toll on me.  I consider myself to be a person of compassion and understanding and with large amounts of empathy.  Still, deep down I’m feeling kind of little and feeling like no one cares about me when after about a week’s period of time, my world is not considered.  So the question I start posing to myself is this:  Do I “give”, in order to receive?  Am I being self-centered?  (I even feel a bit selfish by starting this blog.  It was a place I could let out some feelings for sure, but I notice that I keep it hidden–I don’t want them to see it. hmmmmm)

No matter how much I “feel” for the other person, I need the balance in getting some attention for me too.

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Somehow their health becomes about me…

All the ups and downs of watching someone else’s health change, always reflects what’s going on inside of me.  I want to use this blog to investigate this avenue and learn from it.  It really won’t be about the other person at all…it will be about the triggers we all have while being with a loved one who is experiencing health issues.  Why it affects us the way it does and what we can learn from those triggers.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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